Best Uses of Designer Yoga Mats for New Owners

Best Uses of Designer Yoga Mats for New Owners

Part of making the most out of your yoga mat is know the multiple purposes for it. Here are the best uses of designer yoga mats for new owners.


Around 36 million Americans practice yoga, proof we seek balance between our body and mind.

Yogis aren’t complete without their designer yoga mats, but they’re more than a surface for your Adho Mukha Shvanasanas or Downward Facing Dog Pose.

If you’re looking for multiple yoga mat uses, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the seven best.

1. Use Mats For Non-Slip Purposes

Once you’ve brainstormed custom-mat design ideas, use your yoga mat for its non-slip quality. 

Rugs and hall runners are prone to slipping on hardwood or tile floors, which is dangerous, especially for children. You can splurge on rug grips, but they can be expensive, so use your yoga mat instead.

Cut an old mat to size and place them under your rugs. Not only do your feet get extra cushioning, but you can walk across them without the risk of slipping. Plus, vacuuming becomes far easier.

It’s possible to transform your mat into a tub mat, perfect if your little one is prone to bath-time slips. Throwdown the mat before you run the water, so your kid has extra traction. This works well for pets too.

You can also use a yoga mat as shelf liners, thanks to its grippy material. Again, cut to fit your shelves, so your dishes and glassware don’t move around. They’re fantastic to line your utensil drawers and underneath your dish rack too.

Top tip: if your mat develops a damp odor, wipe it down with hot, soapy water.

2. Protect Your Floor

A significant benefit of yoga mat thickness is they can protect your floor. Heavy furniture can scratch hardwood floors, so turn your yoga mat into a furniture protector.

Use a rotary cutter to cut out small circles from your yoga mat and attach them to the bottom of your furniture with hot glue. Plus, consider plant-protection with mats, connecting them to the bottom, so they don’t leave marks on your floor.

You should also throw down yoga mats in high-traffic areas like by your front door where pets and kids traipse in.

Research found Americans spend an hour a day cleaning, which means we’re often on our feet. If you’re continually standing ironing or washing up, use a yoga mat to cushion your feet and protect your back from fatigue.

3. Use the Yoga Mat to Sleep On 

Not everyone can carry an inflatable mattress on their camping trip, so use a yoga mat to sleep on. Stand out by choosing a designer print on mats so you can camp in style.

After your camping trip, why not donate the mat to a homeless shelter or someone who appreciates a comfortable sleep?

4. Stop Pet-Bowl Spills 

Every pet owner shares the frustration of spilled pet bowls either because your pup is messy or because the bowl slips.

To remedy this, cut a piece of the yoga mat as a placement for your pet bowls. You can easily wash the mat after each meal. 

Also, put a section a yoga mat outside your kitty’s litter box, so the mess stays on the mat and isn’t carried throughout your home. 

And yoga mats are perfect for pets in their golden years. You can lay down a mat under their favorite resting spots so they can relax in the utmost comfort.

5. Lay the Mat Down In Your Yard

The ultimate space for yoga is in the yard. Use the mat for your sun salutations or roll it out and lay atop it to catch some rays. 

Surprisingly, custom yoga mats also play a useful role in maintaining a decluttered yard.

For instance, lay down your yoga mat over weeds and leave it there for a few days. The heat from the mat will slowly clear them, saving you from ripping out plants. You can also kneel on your designer yoga mat when you’re tending a veggie patch. Say goodbye to stained trousers!

Plus, you can use yoga mats as an easy-to-clean picnic blanket, so you don’t have to worry about stains.

6. Use Yoga Mats For Protection 

Don’t splurge on packing peanuts or styrofoam, instead use a cut-up yoga mat. Wrap fragile items, like glassware, in a protective layer when you’re packing for storage or a move.

You can also use an old yoga mat as a heat protector for coasters. Cut circles or your favorite shape, so your mugs don’t leave behind rings.

Apart from your practice, personalized yoga mats make an excellent sun shield when you’re parked on a sweltering day.   

And you can roll up small sections of your yoga mat and use them to block drafts in windows or doors. You can also hang several yoga mats in a makeshift music studio to help soundproof the area.

7. Conquer Stiff Jars 

Everyone’s struggled to open a pickle jar, but yoga mats offer a fool-proof way to ease them open. Cut a small square out of an old yoga mat and keep it in the kitchen drawer. It will help grip the jar lid so you can open it easily.

That's What You Can Do With Designer Yoga Mats

Now you know multiple ways of using designer yoga mats.

Custom mats are perfect for expressing yourself and functions outside your yoga practice. Use it to protect your valuables when you move, add traction to the bath-tub, or act as a makeshift mattress when you camp. 

These multi-function mats are the perfect solution to many daily problems. Enjoy!

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