About Us

Welcome To Mysweatspace.

Thanks for joining the family, or maybe first you have some questions, like who are we, what do we do, and what's different about us and why you should give your hard earned money in exchange for some beautiful, personalized mats.

We'll talk about all this, but first, picture this. You are trying to start your work-out, maybe you've already missed the first one of the week and you just don't really feel like it. I get it, I was there not too long ago and a lucky thing happened.



An out of town friend came to stay for a few days. One morning, with my coffee in hand, I go to my patio. There I find my good friend, with his TRX stuff, feet in the air counting out his incline press-ups.


No! I didn't join him straight away - way too early for me, but thought, "yeah, that seems like a good plan, work out on the patio"



On my next workout, I was excited to try working out on the patio, and that gave me energy. And that is how the idea and realization came to me.

It's a lot easier to complete your home work-out, if the space is fun to be in. So I cleaned up the place, kept everything close by and tossed my old yoga mat. This is the critical part that lead to mysweatspace.



New Adventure

Now that I needed a new yoga mat, I did the search we all do. But none of them seemed to speak to me, yeah the thickness mattered, the non-slip was key, but they all looked essentially the same! Either one solid color, have a pattern that didn't do it for me or were "industrial looking"


And that was the first thing I tried to fix, and now, I realize, many of us have this issue, a sub-par home workout space, that just doesn't do it for us and we don't really want to be there and so we drop out of our work-out routines.

I can't change everything, but I thought I'd start with the one part that we spend the most time, The Mat. So here we are. Making customized, fun yoga mats for the strong yogi or for those looking to do a recovery workout.


Now to answer those questions:

Who are we? We are a Miami based company that is focused on helping you make the best home workout space possible, your sweat space.

Why are we different? Our mats (for now, other items later) are 100% "customizable", and we are told we have great customer service.

Why should you join the family?

Firstly, simply cause our mats are better. We also are doing our part to progress the issues that affect all of us. The first one being trying to help out the climate and make the world a little more beautiful. We are doing this through supporting Arbor Day Foundation, through teamtrees.org. Each mat plants 5 trees


So there you have, the story of mysweatspace, what lead to it being founded and why we exist, with a touch of how we try to help the community we live in.


I hope you will join us, get better work-outs and ultimately better lives.