Common Mistakes to Avoid with Custom Yoga Mats

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Custom Yoga Mats

Part of customizing yoga mats to your needs involves knowing how to give it the right design. Here are mistakes to avoid with custom yoga mats.


If you want to start a fitness journey to get stronger, leaner, and stronger, you focus on toning. Getting into yoga or incorporating planks and situps into your routine is wonderful. Finishing these workouts without pressure or pain is the reason people order yoga mats. 

Standard mats tend to be a disappointment because they are thin and slippery. Getting custom yoga mats is a better option to avoid this. Personalized designs are also fascinating to admire and make working out more of an adventure.  

If you're not careful, you may be unhappy with a personalized yoga mat immediately or notice quality issues after a few uses. If you want to ensure your money is well spent, you will find out with mistakes to avoid.  

1. The Type of Material Used

The type of material you buy when getting a personalized mat matter. Some forms of exercise require that you move around to fully active a muscle or stretch the body. Unless you want to be slipping and sliding during a yoga or workout session, you want to find a custom yoga mat that has a quality grip. 

The best material is thick and offers better comfort compared to thinned out mats that increase the risk of pain. Seek for material made from micro-fiber to get the safety and comfort you're seeking. 

2. Judging a Company Based on Looks

We may be a little too quick to judge a company based on first impressions at times. While it is good to follow your gut, it's better to do a little research first. A company may be better or worse than your original impression if you do a little digging.  

Some people think additives are fun to look at but childish and don't offer quality. Giving your personalized mat a little pizzazz never takes away from quality if you buy it from the right business. The added design instead motivates individuals to workout more and make the session fun. 

3. Lack of Money For a Design

When you customize any product, you're going to spend more money than you would have than if you got the standard version. Sometimes seeking the higher price makes a consumer the mat is too much for the price.

Having that mentality may alter your original mindset to create exactly what you want. You may wind up changing or taking away a few things to lower the price. In the end, you are not left with the customized yoga mat you truly want. 

Keep quality in mind when you are ready to make the investment of buying a personalized mat. Once you are willing to invest in quality, you find the cost of customization is worth it. The product will last you for a long time. 

4. Not Asking Questions 

During the process of getting a personalized yoga mat, you may only have an idea of what you want. You still may not be completely certain about what to get. This is the right time to ask questions.

You will be able to make a more informed decision on what to get when training storming with a company experienced in design. You may not be completely happy with your purchase if you don't do this. Hearing out opinions and responses to your inquires can also avoid mistakes. 

5. Mistakes With Text

A common way to customize a yoga mat is with the addition of text such as quotes. A beautiful, constructed mat can look bad with the wrong layout. The text should be even throughout the design and not off-kilter. If a portion of the text you want to add is hidden, it takes away the point of the design.

The right font and thickness for text are important. This provides more appeal to the eyes. Keeping the text visible for use after use is another critical factor. Mats with poorly designed text rub off soon after wear and sweat.

Customized mats are made with water-based ink. You won't have to worry about text smearing or fading. 

6. Mistakes With Design

Getting design on a yoga mat is more complicated than you may think. If this is done wrong, the mat will appear pixelated. If you want to add the added touch of personalizing a yoga mat, you must start with the right base. 

When you have an image or picture in mind you would like to use, be sure the original format is of high quality and resolution. It is best to give the largest size that does not impair the quality either. Doing so ensures the transfer of the design you want will look good when it's altered to fit the yoga mat. 

7. Mistakes With Color 

Vivid colors should remain throughout a customized mat. If a yoga mat doesn't have vibrant colors, it looks dull and dated even if it's new. In case you provide an image that lacks color, areas with low opacity or white spots aren't kept.

Deeper color is added to areas that need it before the finished product is transported to the yoga mat. Issues with color are corrected to give animation and life in each design. 

Buying The Perfect Custom Yoga Mats 

Nothing screams "yours" as much as custom yoga mats do. It's nice to spend a little more on yourself and get something. Working out just be a routine for some people or a part of another person's day they look forward to doing. 

No matter which case belongs to you, a successful workout is achieved when you can finish safely without issues. Shop for a customized mat you can depend on each time you roll it out. These mats are so trustworthy, they will never let you fall.