How to Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice Space

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How to Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice Space

Learn how to Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice Space that you will enjoy

The beauty of yoga is that you can do it anywhere. So, why not your own home? Here's how you can set up your home yoga practice space


With over 300 million yogis around the world, yoga continues to be a force of good. It brings a sense of well-being and health to everyone who continues to practice.

Finding the time to practice, however, isn't always so easy. A great way to make exercise a habitual part of your day is to ensure you don't ever have to leave once you're home from work.

Creating the perfect home yoga space is easier than you might think. With a little bit of work, you'll have the right conditions to relax and meditate as much as you want. Keep reading to find out how to transform a part of your home into a yoga paradise!

Find Ample Moving Space

One of the biggest challenges of doing yoga at home is finding the right amount of space. You want to find a part of the house that accommodates your movements without hindering you in any way.

This is your time to de-stress and relax, so don't take any shortcuts. If you start practicing and you keep bumping into things, rearrange the area to suit you better.

It's okay to move things out of the way to give yourself more room. Don't sell yourself short! Those items can always be put back after you're done.

Even the smallest of homes have enough wiggle room to incorporate a yoga space. All it takes is a little creative thinking.

Indulge in a High-Quality Mat

The basis of a good yoga space at home is investing in a high-quality yoga mat. The difference between a cheaper variety and a high-quality one is like night and day.

Settling on a lower quality mat gets in the way of your relaxation and meditation. You want a mat that enhances the entire process rather than take away from it.

For the best experience, get a mat that makes you happy. One that feels luxurious and comfortable to use. You'll be using it for many hours in the future, so why not make every single minute feel its best? 

Create a Calming Atmosphere

It's not only the physical space that's important for a yoga practice at home. It's also vital to keep the entire atmosphere around you in mind.

Even if you have plenty of space to move around, you won't be able to get the most out of your yoga practice if there are other distractions around you.

Keep the area clean so you're able to focus on your poses. Shut the door so that animals don't come in and try to get in the way. Turn off your phone so that no one calls you in the middle of a session.

Play some soft music or nature sounds so that you feel truly at peace.

Bring Nature Indoors

Many yogis feel at one with nature, but being indoors gives us more control around our indoor space. That's why it's important to bring some of the beauty of nature into your home. Even a few plants make a big difference in the feeling of the yoga space.

These plants add to the calming atmosphere you're trying to create. They're also beautiful to look at and their presence is serene. When you're deep into your yoga practice, the calmness of greenery will make the experience more fulfilling.

Plus, giving them water and watching them grow is a rewarding chore that makes the effort worth it.

Include Storage Space

Many yoga poses don't require any extra gear, but sometimes we like to use extra props for our sessions. To make everything easier, place a storage box near your yoga space so all of your gear is in reach when you start.

If your home is tight on storage space, then this is a good way to stake your claim in your selected area. Instead of letting other members of the house clutter the area, keep your storage box in the spot you practice yoga. This keeps the space clear while also giving you plenty of space for your props.

It also makes clean up a breeze when you already have a dedicated place in which to put all of your yoga gear.

Personalize the Area

One of the best things about a home yoga space is the fact that you can make it a reflection of your personality. The sky's the limit as to what you can put in this yoga area, which is much different than if you were to go to a gym.

If you want lots of warm colors and candles, then get all of the best candles you can find. If you love crystals and golden accents, then set up a table where you can display them without any trouble.

Put as much or as little into your yoga space as you want. The only requirement is that these new items shouldn't get in the way of your movements and stretches.

Set Aside Dedicated Time

Setting up a yoga space at home is good, but none of it matters if you never give yourself the time to use it. Work and home responsibilities always try to pull you away from yoga, but it's important to give yourself this time away from those stressors.

Be adamant to your family that this is your time to do something good for you. Ask family members to stay away for a short time. Give kids activities so that they'll stay busy while you exercise.

Even thirty minutes a day is enough to give you that release that's so important for mental health.

Home Yoga Is All About Preparation

By going through all of the above steps, your home yoga area is ready. You'll have everything prepared beforehand so that all you need to worry about is relaxing and exercising.

Even if you don't plan to do yoga for the day, this yoga space is perfect to get away from the stressors in your life. Take a few minutes to yourself to sit and breathe before tackling the rest of your responsibilities for the day.

To give your home yoga studio a personal touch, don't forget to check out our personalized yoga mat options!