When Is The Best Time For Yoga

best time to do yoga


As you’re looking to fit yoga into your daily life, you need to find the best time for it. Just like everything else in life, you need to know the best time and place to optimize your results. So, when should you roll out your custom yoga mats and start saluting the sun?

Let’s take a look at why the time you choose matters, and what time is the best for a yoga workout.

Why Does Time Matter?

Why does it even matter what time you choose? As humans, we are creatures of habit. Most habits stick when there’s a concrete time that you have to do the action. For example, you brush your teeth at a certain time every day (hopefully!) and you never think twice about it.

The same can be said about your yoga session. As time goes on, a certain time just becomes yoga time. It becomes a part of your life and allows you to keep enjoying yoga on a daily or weekly basis.

At the end of the day, there’s no science in the air that determines the perfect hour and minute to do yoga. We’ll discuss it further in this article, but the answer boils down to a personalized answer.

The time you select for yoga is important because it becomes a part of your life mentally. It becomes a tradition that is easier to adhere to than randomly scheduled yoga sessions.

When Is the Best Time?

The simple answer? Here at Mysweatspace we say that the best time to do yoga is any time you can carve out free time.

Yoga sessions take up varying chunks of time, and it’s a good idea to try to schedule these sessions at a specific time. It’s not required, though.

Even people with hectic lives and jobs can afford some time for yoga. Busier people often squeeze in yoga between meetings, appointments, or deadlines just to help them with their tasks.

If your work schedule is constantly changing, it might be hard to find a concrete time you can commit to. That’s not a problem, just make sure you’re making time for yoga.

For people who are looking to make a set routine for their yoga sessions, there are a few different options. A majority of people choose either the early morning or directly after work. If possible, it’s a beautiful experience to coordinate your session with the sun.

Yoga in the morning

Yoga in the Morning

A lot of people enjoy starting their morning with yoga. In fact, there are long-standing yoga traditions that ask their participants to do yoga first thing in the morning before the sun rises.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You start your day doing an activity that grounds you and refreshes you.

Additionally, having an empty stomach and empty bowels are ideal when doing yoga. There are no pulls or distractions as you move between stances and focus on your breathing. This is the same reason that a lot of yoga studios offer 5:00 or 6:00 am classes.

Yoga After Work

On the other hand, you can opt for a yoga session after work. This follows the same school of thought – it creates a schedule that you can look forward to.

Before doing work around the house after work, you can spend some time and do yoga. This is the reason why gyms are most-crowded right after rush hour.

Yoga right after work is amazing because it adds a level of perspective. It also acts as a clear line between work life and home life.

Yoga at Sunrise or Sunset

It might be a little harder to coordinate with your schedule, but a lot of people love doing yoga as the sun rises or sets. People take their custom yoga mats outside and do a session in nature while the sun paints the sky beautifully.

There’s something amazing about watching the world change as the day transitions, all the while you’re transitioning between stances. It puts everything in perspective and gives you a better lease on life.

Speaking from experience, even if you can’t do yoga at sunset every day, it’s a great experience to try out at least once.


Now you know the best times to do yoga. It all depends on you and your schedule. A lot of people like to do yoga first thing in the morning, and others choose right after work.

For a great yoga experience, try to coordinate a session while the sun is setting or rising and take your custom yoga mats outside.

Whatever time you have for yoga is the best time.