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"What surprised me, pleasantly, was how true to color the mat was" - Mike L, MA

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  • Great Design
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  • Personal Inspiration that will drive YOU
  • Unique gift for the yogi in your life

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"The guys were so responsive to my questions, I got the mat I really wanted for a loooong time" - Jordan M, FL

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Mysweatspace makes only custom mats, that you'll love

All our mats are custom made, from the simple monogram on your mat, or pick one of the yoga mat customization options you have here. It's up to you. All our mats are non-slip and dual sided for when you need to up the grip. 

Our mats help you stay inspired, whether you use them for yoga, your recovery stretching, home body weight work out or more. These mats are supportive to your every move

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Yoga Mat

Factors to Consider When Buying a Yoga Mat

If you are considering starting yoga, you need to know how to choose the right mat. Here are factors to consider when buying a yoga mat. Nothing feels better than...

7 Signs You Need a Personalized Yoga Mat

7 Signs You Need a Personalized Yoga Mat

Whether you're new to yoga or practice daily, two things make a successful yogi. The first is showing up and the second's being prepared. It's true that yoga can happen anywhere—on the sidewalk,...